Saturday, February 3, 2007

Being a good person

Just wanted to post an article by Peter Singer in a recent NYTimes Magazine. His argument that we have a responsibility for those less fortunate than us fits pretty well with my personal ideas. Although a lot of his other work (on animal rights) is complete crap in my opinion, this article is definitely worth reading. I was also interested in his response to reader questions, where he pretty much said that it's okay not to contribute as much to charity if, as a result of taking a job that helps others, you don't make much money. I wonder sometimes if that's just a rationalization I use, or whether it's really okay to think that way.

I can't figure out how to link to the article, since it's only available to TimesSelect members. Since I can't find the equivalent of LJ-cut (something my sisters use a lot) or make sense of the complex CSS and HTML code that appears to be necessary to hide the text of the article until you click on it, I'm going to go with a lower-tech version and link to a different page. If people who have more experience than I do with the technical side of this have any advice on how to hide text behind a link, I would be very grateful. I got lost at "finding your style sheet" in the help pages for this.

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