Saturday, February 3, 2007

Net Worth February 2007

Okay, so some actual figures. (This is before the financial goals list - seems a little out of order, but whatever).
I only calculate combined net worth for us as a couple, because all of our money is "ours" at this point. We have separate credit cards, which is nice because we don't see one another's individual purchases, but that's it.

Figures as of Feb 2nd:

Husband's 401k ------------------------------------------------ 29,887.59
My Roth IRA ---------------------------------------------------- 2,058.16
Nontaxadvantaged investment account ------------- 32,793.81
Exxon stock ---------------------------------------------------- 7,554.00

CD --------------------------------------------------------------- 25,000.00
ING Direct savings account ------------------------------ 14,243.71
Regular checking account -------------------------------- 5,452.31

No debt! : )

Net Worth ================================= $116,989.58

I can't believe this is actually true, but it looks pretty good sitting there. Upcoming expenditures will definitely cut into it a lot, but it's a good position to be in, I think.

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