Saturday, February 3, 2007

First Post!

Hello to no one : ) I just made my husband promise not to tell anyone we know that I started this blog, so there is literally no one to read this. My reasons for starting this personal finance blog are:

1) To make my financial goals explicit, on the theory that this will help me achieve them.

2) To learn more about personal finance, and get advice on my specific circumstances.

3) To have a place to discuss financial matters so that I don't talk my husband's ear off about this new obsession of mine.

So that's the idea. I'm hoping to keep this blog anonymous since it's about our financial life, but it seems like I should say a little about myself. I'm 24, and my husband is in his early 30s. Our financial position will be fleshed out in a future post, but overall we're just starting out. No house, no car, no kids, and at the moment we don't make much money. In about 6 months our situation will change a lot, since we will be moving to a new city - this will involve a new place to live, at least one car, and a new job for my husband with more money. Okay, that seems like plenty for a first post. All that's left to do now is "publish."

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